Know More About Decorative Concrete



Decorative concrete have many types which you choose from, such as the ones with unique patterns, colors, stamps, acid stain, concrete coating,  and concrete flooring and resurfacing for countertops from


Your home will surely look beautiful with the help of decorative concrete, wherein you can choose the color, stain, design, and texture, making your family stay at home rather than go outside. If you are wondering how yellow, red, and black appear as decoration on your concrete, it is because of Iron oxide colorants. Ultramarine is a pigment used in order to have the color blue, and chromium for color green. By combining all these elements, you will definitely have a gorgeous piece of art. Concentrated liquid forms are available if you want to have other colors, which are made synthetically.


Decorative concrete are made in detail in order to have a beautiful finish, such as vibrating the concrete to a condensed material and other steps, making the concrete strong. The concrete needs to be refined very well in order to achieve a surface that is smooth, which can be done by using magnesium float or wood. Colors are added in the mix of concrete before it will be consolidated, which will definitely give it a brilliant result. Patterns are created with the use of stencils, which are applied before coloring it. You will definitely have a countertop from that will be the talk of your place by having the one with embedded sea shells, coins, copper, brass, aggregated colors, and turquoise. If you are looking for texture concrete countertops, they are the ones with texture mats, leaves, flowers, branches, footprints of animals, and many more.


Colors are made by the reaction of acid stains and concrete’s minerals when combined. Acid stain is actually made of a mixture containing acid and salts. The concrete’s color is identifies by its mineral content. Perfectly colored concrete are made by experts who know how to use acid stain solution correctly to achieve the colors. An acid-resistant brush, spray, mop, or roller is used in applying the stain. In order to neutralize the acid, ammonia and water are used, which will be done if the stain already achieved the right color. After drying, it will be sealed with the use of wax or polyurethane.


You can also have a decorative concrete with acrylic coating. Decorative acrylics can achieve many looks, which will totally give you many advantages. You do not need to remove all of the concrete with the use of acrylic coatings if you have any repairs. Heaved concrete can be easily built up by using glue, silica and, and strong cement. You will certainly earn a lot from your own by increasing its value through decorative concrete. You will surely enjoy the benefits of having a strong and beautiful concrete surface that can last for almost a lifetime.


Always remember to stick to your budget when planning for a home improvement.